About Us

Engaged in the shading business for more than 10 years, specializing in the electric sunshade. 


We are a company which integrates R & D, production, sales, construction, and after-sales service. Our products are with industry-leading design, we select spare parts from domestic and overseas countries. Our company owns sophisticated processing equipment, professional production and construction personnel. Luchuang shading products has stable performance and good reputation. The company has a professional technical team to solve all technical problems for customers.


We have an excellent product development team, which brings together experienced electromechanical and automation engineers. We can provide leading and mature design solutions, and strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure the long-term stability of Zhibo's product quality.

Modern Commercial Buildings and Energy Conservation

Modern commercial buildings have moved towards high-rise and closed development. As of 2008, the statistical results show that 18% of the world's energy consumption is consumed by commercial buildings. Energy-saving concepts and regulations are becoming more and more popular. Various countries at home and abroad have promulgated corresponding energy-saving and emission reduction measures to deal with the increasingly serious problem of energy shortage. Regardless of the developed countries in Europe and the United States or the rising developing countries, the green environmental protection of modern commercial buildings has been put on the forefront of the agenda.


According to the characteristics of buildings and taking the comfort of residents into account, European professional research institutes and universities have made systematic and in-depth discussions on buildings and shading, which proves that the intelligent shading system working with ventilation, lighting and air conditioning is an effective green building solution.